Online MBA Programs in Texas are easy to find and the one you’ll want to start with is the University of Texas Graduate School as they are the top ranked programs in Texas with an outstanding faculty combined with world class facilities.

Online MBA Programs in Texas and Florida

With over eighty six doctoral and over 150 master’s degree programs from various educational levels such as business to arts, engineering sciences and humanities, our Graduate School at University of Texas at Austin transforms students lives with the highly diverse community of teachers and students make significant contributions and serves you as the backbone of the university’s research and academic enterprise.

The University of Texas Graduate School gives you access to numerous resources and services including funding to support the many thousands of graduate students that are currently enrolled in various graduate programs at the university of Texas.

The University of Florida Online MBA Program no GMAT is the most highly sought after non traditional Doctor of Pharmacy program for working pharmacists. The innovative yet flexible program is designed specifically for licensed “bachelor holding” pharmacists who want to stay relevant, expand their current career potential, and upgrade their education.

With their roots tracing all the was back to the mid 18oo’s, the University of Florida is a huge public research college located on a huge 2,000+ acre campus in Florida and is Considered among the countries most well respected and academically diverse public universities in the country. University of Florida is a regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Accreditation for Pharmacy Education. The University of Florida College of Pharmacy is nationally recognized as a model of quality in educational practice for online distance learning.

The University of Florida’s Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy program is specifically designed to help licensed current bachelor holding pharmacists grow their career potential, upgrade their skills using our proven distance learning technology at convenient regional locations, our online program can be completed in just a few years, without compromising your personal responsibilities.

The very advanced nature of our program is designed specifically to educate our pharmacists to be more flexible and innovative leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and the care of patients. The program will expand your individual pharmacotherapeutics knowledge, while complementing your current practice experience to give you a higher level of autonomy.