Fake College Degree’s & MBA Program Scams are growing and seem to be everywhere online these days and can fool even the most diligent of the Internet masses not to mention the diploma mills and the plethora of other various degree scams that are online these days, how do you tell if the program you’re thinking about enrolling in his legitimate or not? In addition how do employers spot these well thought out frauds?

Fake College Degree’s & MBA Program Scam Problems Growing

That’s a great question and will go into some detail below on how to steer clear of those unscrupulous characters and make sure that you’re getting what you pay for. Not only are there numerous fake college and university websites trying to steal your hard earned cash there is also a good amount of people that just want to buy their degree rather than work for and in some cases the paperwork looks quite legitimate and these companies have confirmation phone numbers set up in case an employer calls to check up on the legitimacy of a diploma. In many cases people are able to pull the wool over their employer’s eyes successfully.

These fake diplomas and fake college degrees are not cheap either, the average college degree from a diploma mill costs about $4-$500 and for that you will get a “life experience” degree that basically utilizes your vast life experience and calls that a college degree. If you’re looking for a little more advanced degree like a scam MBA program you just need a little more money, a little more life experience and there you have it. They send out a nice packet with all the appropriate paperwork and certified degrees stamped as well assign and believe me they look quite authentic.

So the question is how do you tell if you’re thinking about actually taking some classes online or getting your college degree online and don’t have the cash for a major university at the same time you don’t want a fake college degree or worse yet have to study for some fake curriculum to get a degree from a non-accredited illegitimate university or college. Let’s start with some of the more obvious telltale signs and then we’ll get into a little more detail.

Avoiding Diploma Mills and College Degree Scams

1) First up make sure that your search for an online university or college is only on schools that are accredited and what that simply means is a team of investigators have showed up to that specific college or university and spent some time digging around, asking for qualifications in making darn sure they have all their ducks in a row. I could go into a little more detail on accreditation but I think you get the general idea if they are accredited by a legitimate institution you’re pretty good to go. Now when I sayaccredited by a legitimate institution some of these online universities will try to fake their accreditation however you can quickly and easily check up on this with a simple Google search.

2) Next up on the list is something a little more obvious that makes it pretty quick and easy to avoid all the hassles of trying to identify whether or not an online school is a diploma mill where it’s going to take your money and issue you a fake college degree or worse yet put you through the paces of a fake MBA program stamp. Simply look at the URL you are visiting and if it ends in .EDU chances are you’re at a legitimate school, college or university considering only accredited online schools, universities and colleges can purchase a .EDU domain name. The EDU domain provider is required to verify accreditation before issuing an EDU domain name to any college or university.

Now there are some schools that have .COM domain names or .ORG and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are crooks in disguise at first glance it just means they require some further investigation before throwing down your hard-earned cash. As you know, anyone anywhere in the world can purchase almost any domain name, put up a website and pose as just about anything and believe me many do, for one reason and one reason only bats to steal your hard-earned cash and many of them escape any kind of prosecution since they are beyond our borders and there are lots of unscrupulous characters all around the world that focus their full-time attention on separating Americans from their money.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest just remember if you are considering an online degree there are numerous terrific and legitimate programs online from accredited colleges and universities as well as many Ivy league universities are offering online programs these days making it possible for students around the globe with the financial resources to get an education that wasn’t possible before. Many of these universities are using cutting-edge technology to deliver a wonderful online learning environment with the same great faculty that teaches in our classrooms acrossAmericaand around the world. Just take the extra time to do your diligence and be sure that you’re not taken advantage of with any of these diploma mills or fake college degrees scams and least of all MBA program scams.