Assessment of pros and cons of distance learning is closely associated with the opportunities and abilities of the students. Hence, while some appreciate the atmosphere of campus, the others prefer studying alone. Moreover, some people lack time for traditional education, and choose distance learning as a reliable alternative to traditional education.

Considering the fact that the principles, standards, and tools of distance education evolve and are subjected to constant improvement, potential students should mind the most suitable factors and principles, associated with the aspects of education and personal abilities.

Distance Learning from the Perspective of Further

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

First, it should be emphasized that these estimations are too subjective, as people make choices basing on their experience and everyday life factors. Thus, the pros are as follows:

Convenience you are free to go on with your education whenever it is suitable for you. Everything you need is the computer connected to internet.

Flexibility you do not have to adjust your timetable to the curriculum of a school or university. You are free to design your own education plan.

Availability independently on your geographic position, age and social position, your are free to choose the desired course and use all the opportunities of distance education.

Cons are evident, however, some of them should not be taken for granted.

If you like personal attention of your tutor, all the pros of distance learning will be neglected, as you will not have an opportunity to communicate with him or her.

You should be a skilled computer and internet user for effective education. Thus, this factor is the essential barrier for some people.

Students are expected to find all the required information by themselves, and the support is minimal. Thus, this type of education is suitable only for people with high self-discipline.

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