Best Online MBA Programs 2019

has been an increasingly popular topic over the last couple of years while more and more major universities equip themselves with online classroom facilities. Many people still think that an online degree is somehow of lesser value or you simply just pay for your degree however major universities have taken to this new trend and are fully accredited, have comprehensive curriculum combined with world-class faculty that give you a legitimate certified degree that you have to work every bit as hard for as a student on campus.

The first and most obvious is money, let’s be honest for a minute were going after all those extra years of school for one reason and that is to earn a better living when it comes right down to it and for MBA graduates that’s exactly what they get with an average starting salary of $95,000+ and a full 90% of graduates have employment opportunities immediately after graduation. So the main benefit on an online MBA program. You get a good job and you get paid!

Benefits Of an Online MBA Program in 2019

Benefits Of an Online MBA Program in

Some of the many benefits of today’s distance learning programs are obviously the wonderful benefit of not having to commute considering college usually isn’t an affordable venture, saving on fuel costs as well as maintenance costs on your vehicle can add up to a pretty penny, with the high cost of gas these days not to mention all the little things that go along with the expense of commuting back and forth every day. Like time for instance, if your school is 30 minutes away, that’s an hour a day you could spend doing other things like studying, working, or spending time with your precious family.

 For some working on your education from home can be difficult with many distractions of family and friends that go along with studying from home so you must try and separate yourself from the environment including the phone and doorbell as well as the many questions that family members seem to have every single day. Start by giving yourself a quiet place to study if you have an office or a den in your home let everyone know that you’re dedicating a certain period of time to your studies, close the door and put a sign on it if you have to. Let them know that you won’t be available for questions comments or to answer the door when the pizza man gets there.

Advantages of the Best Online MBA Programs in 2019

People are different, others have absolutely no issues studying from the comfort of their own home and can simply wake up in the morning with their PJ’s on grab a cup of coffee and get right to work in the quiet of the morning this is actually a great time to study before the whole world wakes up and our busy lives start. Before the phone starts ringing and all the chaos of the day begins. Getting up early can be a blessing not to mention this gives you time for other responsibilities later on in the day so even if you’re not an early riser dedicating some early morning time to your studies is a great idea and you tend to retain a lot more material in these morning hours.Now let’s get to the more obvious reasons you’re here reading this article. You want to know what some of the best online MBA program 2019 that are available today. Now answer this question is twofold depending on exactly what you’re looking for. When I say the “best online MBA programs of ″ from working under the assumption that you’re not looking for the most affordable program both literally and figuratively the very best,  the University of Phoenix is the clear leader in advanced online education and distance learning programs and has been for several years as well as for several very good reasons they’ve expanded in this niche more rapidly and taken a more aggressive stance on the industry than almost all other universities we’ve reviewed and have facilities all over the country to support its students and programs.

They are very agile and flexible and also, spare no expense when it comes to faculty or graduation ceremonies often renting out professional athletic facilities for ceremonies with guest speakers at the events as well as the best photography in video. I recently attended a graduation at Phoenix University in Florida and the University rented out the American Airlines arena in Miami. As you can imagine this was quite an undertaking and even had Shaquille Oneal’s mother there as a guest speaker and Phoenix University alumni. it was a fantastic ceremony perhaps one of the most well-prepared and effectively executed I have ever attended so some kudos must go out to Phoenix University they are one of the best online MBA programs . If you require financial assistance they have excellent financial aid programs for their students with easy terms that allow you to attend college without having to deal with the financial burden or payments until after you’ve graduated.

While PSU is an excellent University with one of the best online MBA programs there are numerous other excellent and accredited universities that have online programs and distance learning opportunities, they just happened to be one of the stronger universities in the online venue. Next week we’ll review my second University choice for the second best online MBA programs of . The Banner below will take you to the universities online information center and enrollment programs. Now go get educated.

Best Online MBA Programs are a smart choice if you’re pursuing and furthering your career in business. These days it is very vital to anyone’s financial success, and so you should also make finding the Best Online MBA Programs  a sole priority. There are numerous excellent programs available both in the US and around the world, let’s take a look at a few basic steps below to smooth out your application process and avoid any potential issues when choosing a college or university.

With the adversity of the Internet and the large array of MBA programs and accredited schools that offer every business course imaginable, a person has more motivation to pursue and advance their career or to even begin an entirely new career. Not only does the online format make it easier for students come around the world to get an advanced education but also gives working moms and dads the chance at an advanced degree with both part-time and full-time programs available as well as dual degrees and flexible start times throughout the year make today’s educational environment easier than ever.

If you’re interested in a list of online MBA programs that do not require the GMAT but are all accredited universities please click the link below for our list and ratings of colleges and universities from the most affordable to the elite there’s a program that fits every student needs and budget with flexible student aid programs, tuition assistance and handsome scholarship lands an advanced degree is within reach for almost anyone who is willing to reach out and take it.

Click Here For Our List Of The:  Top Online MBA Programs No GMAT

The convenience and affordability of achieving a degree online can be the perfect excuse and also the ideal way to advance in a career, start a career, expand skills and knowledge, and open up new career opportunities to a stale market job.

There are many great MBA schools that you will find online, however first thing is first let’s discuss a few of the major things that influence your career endeavors, what may impact your choice of an online education provider, and will help you to determine what you need to obtain an education from any of the best online MBA programs 2018.

Finding the Best Online MBA Programs

With the Internet on your side, you without a doubt have access to one of the best resources that have ever existed. Now there are more MBA programs than ever which have been established since the Internet has become a major source of convenience for acquiring a business degree or advancing a degree or career. In addition to having readily available accredited schools and online Universities a person also has access to a plethora of rich information regarding programs that are out there, what they entail, what they cost, and what you need to pursue them. When you are in search of the best online MBA programs you should:

1) Check The Websites That List Their Top Picks: There are many websites online who typically are based upon performing the research for you and providing you with a list of top notch MBA programs. Business Week is essentially the best resource that does frequent rankings and covers on the various MBA schools in the world. Check out these websites by performing a search and spare yourself the time of browsing through literally thousands of pages of schools that do not even come close to making the cut of the best.

2) Research Different MBA Programs To See What They Offer:Once you have put together a top 10 list or have found a top 10 list of MBA programs that seem to be in your interest then you need to spend some time on their separate websites by researching what they offer to you. What sort of courses do they have, what kind of programs are available 1 yr, 2yr, can you attend part time, do you have to have experience, and is it viable to telecommute in order to acquire the best education possible. Once you do some deep research you will start to narrow your options down to make it easier to select one from.

3) Compare Prices, Courses, and Features of the Program: If you have only a few MBA programs that you are researching this task may be easier, however if there are many then you may use this as one of those deal breakers that helps you to save time by choice. Be sure to compare prices and choose MBA’s that you can afford, there will be many which you will have to understand are too pricy for a limited budget. In addition the courses need to be what you need in order to get the degree you are seeking, so be certain that the programs you look at are even offering the courses you need most.

4) Opt For the Programs That Best Suit Your Niche or Field of Interest In Business: Although there are numerous MBA schools that are considered best online MBA programs 2018, you also want to make sure that the MBA program you choose has enough courses and qualifications to provide you with the exact degree you are wanting. Some MBA’s specialize in certain fields and offer more courses on them than others, and others may have other focuses that are what you need. So determine which program best suits the niche and interest in business and go from there.

5) Choose Only From the MBA Programs That Are Accredited:One of the major attributes or qualifications in an MBA that is a must for a person to get a viable degree is that of finding an online MBA program or school that is accredited. If you choose a program that is not accredited you will be wasting your time, money, and efforts on a degree that may not be considered viable by other schools, employers, and businesses.

Applying to an Online MBA Program

 Procedures and policies for admissions and to apply for an MBA program greatly differ, however they have many common elements as well. You will find that in some situations they may not be required. Successfully applying to an MBA school or program is pretty straight forward, but it can be quite tricky too. Any application for business school requires a demonstration of clear thinking, clever planning, and a steadfast resolve to show why you’re an excellent candidate.

Every MBA program will have variable requirements on their application process. This should be good reason to demonstrate your savvy skills to the applications administration and also for you to read the application instructions cautiously. The majority of MBA programs will require the following from you: An application form, Resume, An essay, Letters of recommendation, Transcripts, Standardized test scores, a personal interview, and financial aid application.

The MBA Application Form

Your submitted application in it’s filled out and complete form is the initial document that any best online MBA programs 2018 or business school peruses. You need to be sure not to detriment your likes of getting into a school by preparing it carelessly and hastily. Application forms can include: personal accomplishments, internship history, professional merits, and a personal biography. Tips for filling the application form out professionally:

A) Use straight forward writing and language by way of an intelligent conversation.

B) Do not overly use frilly words and statements that seem like you are trying to hard!

C) Make more than one copy of the form of application in case you make mistakes and need to start over again.

D) Make more than one draft so that they can be revised as you improve, correct, and add elements to it.

E) Use spell and grammar check, BUT also have someone check over your application for more feedback.

F) Make sure that everything on the form is complete never leave anything unattended.


Some MBA programs will make it a priority to look at your resume closely. This not only is magnifying your job history, professional clarity, and pertinent attributes but they are rounding up your abilities to present your business or ‘business presentation’. Check the instructions as these business schools will define what they specifically need from you in this document. List your work experience chronologically or by skill set. NOTE: If you’re submitting a c.v.,  make sure to format it academically. You also should check out the resources online that can help you find templates and resume examples for you to get an idea of the proper way of developing one.


Not every business school considers the essay a vital component but most do. Before you write a word, be sure you have read the instructions carefully, since many MBA applications require specific essay topics. Here’s the best tip of all: address the topic squarely, add no filler, and do not stray from the required subject.

Letters of Recommendation

Reference letters should be written only by people with a business or academic orientation, and who are directly familiar with your work and accomplishments. The application may require them to address specific topics, but also be sure to ask your prospects to provide clear examples of your strengths and potential.

Best MBA Tools to Help YOU

 The ability to earn a degree through means of a ‘virtual’ course regimen online is enabling more and more professionals and people back to further and to enhance their education with the most convenient of purposes. When attending MBA programs there are some essential tools that can allow you to transform a trivial degree path into the ultimate career opportunity.

Tablet, Smart Phone, or Laptop: It might seem like a no brainier that online MBA candidates should be able to travel with their connection to classmates and professors, but not all students go that route right away. The ability to tap into the academic workflow from anywhere, at any time can significantly enhance the hours spent working toward a degree. Although smaller and less powerful than a full fledged laptop, these micro computing tools also offer significant advantages to the online MBA student. Mobile applications exist to help students take notes, download lecture audio, or calculate complex financial problems with ease.

1) News Feed Subscriptions: Whether the student prefers RSS/Atom feeds or traditional print media, staying on top of the news in business and finance is a must for anyone pursuing an online MBA. Tools are available through most modern computing devices to read online news, and magazine subscriptions can be ordered through paper mail or online.

2) eReader or Kindle: For students whose eyes strain easily staring at a laptop or desktop computer screen, may prefer the kinder, gentler reading environment of an eReader. These tools can make reading long documents less of a chore to parse and process.

3) Twitter: No longer just a platform for social exhibition, Twitter has emerged in recent years as a hub of information of all varieties. Students who judiciously follow business and financial info sources might find themselves ahead of the game and at the head of the class.

Of course, with any online MBA, tools aren’t going to allow a student to coast through coursework without effort. Possession and disciplined use of the right online MBA tools, though, can skyrocket the effectiveness of the educational experience and deliver enhanced benefits to any career minded MBA candidate.

The Most Popular and Voted Best Online MBA Programs 2018

Education requires a tremendous investment of time and money, so students typically want to attend the best schools they can for their chosen fields. Popular MBA programs flourish worldwide, but the following 10 are particularly well respected for their ongoing contributions to business education.

1. Harvard – Management.Harvard produces CEOs who are trained in the resolution of business situations through the use of cases, including JP Morgan Chase’s James L. Dimon, Harvard MBA ’82.

2. University of Chicago – Finance.The University of Chicago has a high number of Nobel Prizes in Economics linked to the institution, including graduate Myron Scholes, Chicago MBA ’64.

3. Northwestern University – Marketing.Northwestern University is widely known for its marketing specializations. Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management Professor Philip Kotler authored Marketing Management, a book used by MBA programs worldwide.

4. Thunderbird School of Global Management – International Business.The Thunderbird School of Global Management has been training global leaders for more than 60 years and continually leads in international business rankings.

5. Babson – Entrepreneurship.Babson excels in entrepreneurship and just expanded its successful MBA in San Francisco, home to technology start ups.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Technology.MIT thrives on tinkering with inventions. An interactive tool developed at the Sloan School of Management simulates the solar industry, allowing students to learn how to run a company in this area.

7. Carnegie Mellon – Operations Management.The Tepper School of Business excels in the operations management field. Professor Michael Trick has been recognized for his teaching in the area and students organize a reputable operations competition.

8. University of Pennsylvania – Lifelong Learning, Retail Management.The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has revamped its curriculum to guarantee lifelong alumni training and superb retail management education.

9. University of Phoenix – Online Education.The largest private university in the United States, the University of Phoenix has 20 years of experience in online education.

10. IESE Business School – University of Navarra – Business Ethics.IESE firmly believes in linking business education to ethics, so much so that the Financial Times published an article questioning whether this shouldn’t be the approach in a post financial crises world.

Choosing the Best Online MBA Programs

These popular MBA programs provide excellent training in specialized business disciplines in addition to substantive, all encompassing MBA training, but this list is by no means exhaustive MBA students should consider their learning and career needs before choosing from one of the best online MBA programs .